Company Policies / Information.


Due to the nature of electrical work, all electrical work is sub-contracted to our trusted electrical contracting companies. These companies carry liability insurance. Electrical work can be hazardous. For this reason, to do electrical work requires a Master Electrical License to run an electrical company. Should you have an issue with one of these contractors, please notify us as soon as possible. Due to the nature of the electrical trade, If an electrical permit has to be taken out, the electrical contractor is now tied to that job. This means that in the event that you have an issue with the electrical contractor or their employees, they must finish their work and close out the permit.


We carry liability insurance to protect your project / home. Currently we only carry residential insurance, so we will only be taking on residential jobs at this time.


Kevin Essiambre pays for WSIB / Workman Compensation. Should you require a clearance certificate, one can be acquired by searching "Kevin Essiambre" using the online service. Upon request, Kevin Essiambre can provide a PDF copy of the WSIB clearance certificate to those who require it. WSIB is a requirement for sub-contracting to another company. Should you not know what WSIB is, this section probably does not apply to you. All out sub-contractors are required to provide Kevin Essiambre with a clearance certificate before commencing work.


All estimates are valid for 30 calendar days. Estimates are not quotes. Estimates differ from quotes in that they are an approximation of the cost and are subject to change either up or down in cost. All estimates that are accepted must be accepted within the 30 day period before the estimate expires. Estimates not accepted within the 30 day period will require re-submission before accepting. Appropriate methods of accepting an estimate are:

  • Sending an email, with your name, address, and estimate number, stating that you accept the estimate, and would like to schedule the work.
  • Signing an estimate agreement contract.


This section will soon be moving to Here.

All material and labour supplied and installed by Kevin Essiambre has a warranty period. All our labour is warrantied for ninety (90) calendar days from the date of invoice. All of our material is warrantied for one (1) calendar year from the date of invoice. Should an item fail within the one (1) year period, will will repair or replace the item should it have failed from normal use and/or being defective. Items not warrantied include but are not limited to:

  • Items damaged by an act of god.
  • Items that have been locked out, either due to loosing the password, or some other reason. Some equipment cannot be reset in the field, and may require being sent to the manufacturer to be factory reset. This will not be covered under warranty, and may be subject to additional charges to be factory reset.
  • Items damaged from abuse. (I.E., running it over with a car or hitting/punching/kicking the item(s))
  • Items damaged from abnormal or misuse. (such as using an item as a shelf, coat hanger, etc.)
  • Expendable/Replaceable items. These include but are not limited to surge suppressors, power filters, etc.

This is not a comprehensive list of warranty exclusions. Each case will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

This warranty policy will be updated when it is relocated to our warranty page.


We provide secure passwords to our clients upon request for the equipment that we install. Should you wish to use your own passwords, that's great! Please keep in mind, should you get locked out of your equipment, we cannot factory reset some equipment without sending it back to the factory. For this reason, we recommend keeping with the passwords that we provide you, as most of the time, these passwords are for equipment that is installed on a site that we must be on to log into. Should equipment be installed that will be accessible off-site, over the internet, usually these passwords can be reset from the physical hardware itself. In these cases, where it is accessible off-site, we will let the you (the client) use a password of your choosing.


Our company is based around home automation, networking, security cameras, access control, and more. Due to the nature of this work, we will have confidential information pertaining to your site. We will not disclose any confidential information about your site. We may inform customers inquiring about our services about the system that we have installed at your site, however, all information that may risk a potential security risk will not be revealed. Should you have any questions about this non-disclosure section, please send us a message on our "Contact Us" page.


All our invoicing is done using invoicing software. Should there be an error, please contact us.